Saturday, January 30, 2010

Can you say one cheap dirty old bastard???

So I am off to Vegas in March for a work event, the company is staying at Paris where we have a group rate for around $100 per night.

Now for a little history here, I have been to Vegas around 30 times in the past 10 years, I have stayed up and down the strip but my home away from home is the Imperial Palace. The IP is a shit hole, the elevators barely work it smells like old cigarettes throughout the casino and many of the rooms need updating. Now the rooms are all clean, the sheets are clean the towels and such are all clean as well. My theory on staying here is I barely spend time in the room anyways and no one has any right to bitch because it is so cheap if I spend a little more on meals...which rarely happens anyways.

So now the stage is set, I went to book my room for this trip, it is 6 nights, Saturday to Friday. My total room charge is $286.05. Yes that is taxes in for the entire trip. Now how can I justify spending greater than touble that price to stay anywhere else...personally I cannot. Call me crazy, call me an odd duck for not taking advantage of a "better" hotel but when you spend ~6 hours a night sleeping only in the room anyways...who cares...not me that's who.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Like flies on Shit

If someone comes up with a method to prevent fucking flies from gathering in the over head lights where they buzz their sorry asses around for a day or so before dying making it necessary to find a way to remove said light cover and clean the stupid carcasses out, they will be a very rich woman.

Living in the country doesn't help this situation at all but I am so tired of every time I look up I have to start this process again. You would think that after a million years of evolution, these stupid little bastards would have figured out that if you fly into a light you are going to die. You would think they would be smart enough to sit and feast on that little piece of shit or rotting meat and enjoy their short life instead of baking in a hot lamp....but no. They much prefer to fuck with my head. Little bastards.

Now don't get me wrong, flys have their wait, no they are about as useless as my lawn but at least my lawn can look pretty...when it isn't covered in dog shit with flies buzzing around it. Fucking flies.