Monday, June 22, 2009

Hot... Damn Hot....

Yes summer has arrived and in the typical SW Ontario style the humidity rolled in right along with it. As the saying in Good Morning Vietnam says "Hot, damn hot, hot enough to cook things in your shorts... a little crotch pot cooking" Yes that is what it felt like today.


Yes ladies and gentlemen I had my Saxx briefs on which kept things in their place and rather comfortable. Actually I was very surprised at this fact about how well these things actually worked and truly made me a believer.

I digress (must come from my mothers side)

I arrive home and find that both of my neighbors have cut their grass. What this means is I now have to bow to the almighty, yes mother nature, and follow suit. I have a rechargable electric mower with a lawn twice the size of my old one, this will be an adventure. Stay tuned for the cursing if it takes me 2 days.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Website is updated

If you are in the need to know then consider yourself told.

To poke a hole and keeping the lawn trimmed

Say what you will but there is something to poking holes and keeping the lawn trimmed, you never know when you will end up in an ambulance with dirty underpants.

Yes folks it is true, tomorrow the posts for my fence get placed hopefully permanently in the holes that will also be dug for them, this is an exciting time for all involved. The fence is going to be ~230 linear feet, consisting of 6x6 posts, 2x6 cross beams sandwiching the fence boards, it is going to look beautiful and yes I will toot my own horn.

Now you ask what does this have to do with keeping pubic hair trimmed or wearing clean underpants...well nothing really but you should take things...never know when you will be lying there an saying to yourself..damn I am sweating like the hoover dam down there, I should have mowed the lawn a little bit to keep things cool.

Another post brought down to the gutter, and another 60 seconds of your life you will not get back, got ya again.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't go there....

Alright, this has been on my mind for a couple of weeks. I don't know where I heard this or read this but it did get me thinking.

Why is it that the North American culture is so hung up on the 4 letter C word. It is vulger I will admit but there are times when it truly describes the fundamental problem with the intended recipient. That said the contrary to this is "Mother F&*&$r", if you really think about it this is far more insulting and yet it is so much more common. Is it bad...well yes and if you think about it literally it is certainly far worse than calling someone a C>>> and yet the C word still seems worse.

Lets thrown in Douchebag into the mix...that is just pretty bad, I could make the arguement being called a DB just seems to dig that much more than MF and well ranks up with with a C but certainly isn't looked at in the same light.

Moron, Putz, DB, Asshole, dipshit, shithead, f*(%head,MF, C, all end up describing a stupid person but depending on who is telling the story or calling said name varies the level of stupidness said person is exhibiting.

Lets take this post for example, you have just spent about a minute or so of your life that you will never ever get back. If you are 89 with half your torso already in the ground that 1:30 means a lot and you are probably calling me a C for wasting your precious time. Now if you are 30 and reading this, although you are reading the same words Moron is probably the better descriptor you have for me now.

See what I mean, it all means the same thing just a different sensation and as terrible MF is and repulsive using the C word is you all know exactly what I am talking about and if you haven't already will likely use one or both of those to describe someone in your lifetime.

PS. Sorry about the 1:30, I lost even more in the creation of this mindless post.

Random Nothingness

Today was a good day. My DW's cousins littlest one Ellie turns 1 tomorrow (happy bday Ellie) so we were invited to her 1st birthday in London. After dance and lunch we packed up and made the trek west. The pool was a mere 88 so very comfortable and Neve had much fun jumping off the diving board and swimming to the edge to do it all over again. She has become quite the fish for a 4 year old. She certainly swims better than I did at her age and I must say I was quite a swimmer.

We then had a nice dinner of pizza and random salads followed by Jill's cake. Jillian is someone from my past that I worked with many moons ago who happens to be a very good friend of my DW's cousin...and she makes the best cake anyone could ask for. I don't do desserts....well never used to but find myself indulging more lately....but when Jill makes a cake....mmmmm.

I also ordered the posts for our fence yesterday. They get posted on Wednesday of next week...yippee a backyard is in the near future woohoo.... not really looking forward to many weeks of manual labour but the dogs and kid will like it.

Finally off to a family reunion tomorrow for my DW's step mom after pictures at dance class, I can hardly contain my excitement.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How could I forget


Yes I think I have found the greatest thing since sliced fact it takes much of the design concept from sliced bread. Saxx Apparel - Underwear to be specific. Looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life this is it.

The concept is simple, the twig and giggle berries need room to breath, these underwear basically give the man tool it's own room so they no longer rest against ones legs. The end result, breathing room, less sweaty sticky man juice which just does no one any good.

Seriously your man will love you for them, at $30 a pop they are pricey but well worht it. Check them out

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to 2009

It may be 6 months late but I finally caught up with myself and got around to posting my first blog entry. This is going to comprised of random thoughts, strange happenings and pretty much anything else that I feel the need to write about at said given moment.

Yes you may even find a poem or 2 that has been rattling around in my tiny brain but all in all at the end of the day it is stuff I need to get out of my head.

Now that that's out, welcome to my random stupidness. A little about me, I am a 30 x'r married man with a beautiful daughter living in a small village in Ontario Canada. I work for a high tech company pretty much everyone has heard about and have been with them for 8+ years. Currently part of the security product management team (responsible for the security of our product, specifically it doesn't put you at risk). My job takes me to many different places to see and do many different things and frankly I love it.

I am a pretty decent golfer, and love being on the water kiteboarding (google it!). I also enjoy Vegas at every chance I can get, specifically hanging at the IP poker room. I have an amazing wife and as mentioned a beautiful daghter whom I love both very much. Lastly I am currently working through my CS degree through distance ed with Athabasca University. Yes much on my plate.

That is about all I have for my first entry, with this I will leave you with a little poem. I don't know the original author, but I believe it came from a book I read as a kid, Larry Wilde - The Official Book of Sick Jokes.

I wish I had your picture,
It would be very nice!
I would hang it in the attic,
To scare away the mice.