Saturday, June 13, 2009

Don't go there....

Alright, this has been on my mind for a couple of weeks. I don't know where I heard this or read this but it did get me thinking.

Why is it that the North American culture is so hung up on the 4 letter C word. It is vulger I will admit but there are times when it truly describes the fundamental problem with the intended recipient. That said the contrary to this is "Mother F&*&$r", if you really think about it this is far more insulting and yet it is so much more common. Is it bad...well yes and if you think about it literally it is certainly far worse than calling someone a C>>> and yet the C word still seems worse.

Lets thrown in Douchebag into the mix...that is just pretty bad, I could make the arguement being called a DB just seems to dig that much more than MF and well ranks up with with a C but certainly isn't looked at in the same light.

Moron, Putz, DB, Asshole, dipshit, shithead, f*(%head,MF, C, all end up describing a stupid person but depending on who is telling the story or calling said name varies the level of stupidness said person is exhibiting.

Lets take this post for example, you have just spent about a minute or so of your life that you will never ever get back. If you are 89 with half your torso already in the ground that 1:30 means a lot and you are probably calling me a C for wasting your precious time. Now if you are 30 and reading this, although you are reading the same words Moron is probably the better descriptor you have for me now.

See what I mean, it all means the same thing just a different sensation and as terrible MF is and repulsive using the C word is you all know exactly what I am talking about and if you haven't already will likely use one or both of those to describe someone in your lifetime.

PS. Sorry about the 1:30, I lost even more in the creation of this mindless post.


  1. You called it, I was thinking moron. hee hee.

  2. To me there is not one word on God's green earth that is more vile than the "C" word.
    Any other word is just that....a word...but the "C" word is a washyourmouthoutwithsoap one. Weird thing is that the first time I heard that word it was being spewed out of a girls mouth. She was yelling at a another girl in the bathroom at the time, no not me. Mind you she was a gutter mouth anyway who scared the shit out of me anyway, but when she said that word I was shocked speechless. I only spoke to her if I had to (she was in my grade 9 class) for the rest of the year and thankfully we were never in the same class after that.