Saturday, June 13, 2009

Random Nothingness

Today was a good day. My DW's cousins littlest one Ellie turns 1 tomorrow (happy bday Ellie) so we were invited to her 1st birthday in London. After dance and lunch we packed up and made the trek west. The pool was a mere 88 so very comfortable and Neve had much fun jumping off the diving board and swimming to the edge to do it all over again. She has become quite the fish for a 4 year old. She certainly swims better than I did at her age and I must say I was quite a swimmer.

We then had a nice dinner of pizza and random salads followed by Jill's cake. Jillian is someone from my past that I worked with many moons ago who happens to be a very good friend of my DW's cousin...and she makes the best cake anyone could ask for. I don't do desserts....well never used to but find myself indulging more lately....but when Jill makes a cake....mmmmm.

I also ordered the posts for our fence yesterday. They get posted on Wednesday of next week...yippee a backyard is in the near future woohoo.... not really looking forward to many weeks of manual labour but the dogs and kid will like it.

Finally off to a family reunion tomorrow for my DW's step mom after pictures at dance class, I can hardly contain my excitement.


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  1. I sense some sarcasm? :)
    I'm looking forward to checking out the new yard! Grass and a fence? OH MY!