Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surprises abound

Customer service is something that for the most part has gone the way of the dodo it would seem. The recent example of our friend Ma Bell proof in point. What a nice surprise we experienced when we took our 2008 Caravan into the shop for some work the other day.

We had it in a few weeks ago for a noise in the back end, turns out our right rear caliper was seizing, something that is a known issue and the parts were on back order. Well I noticed on our oil change sticker they said our brakes needed replacement as well.

We bought the vehicle used from Bustard back in Jan so I was a bit surprised at this and questioned the service person when I made the appt if the seized calipre would cause break wear, she said she didn't know blah blah. Well working in the industry for 3 years I know what GM would have's a wear item and is not covered. Well my wife went to pick up the van and not only did they fix the calipre, they also replaced the rear brakes at no charge.

My jaw hit the floor, Chrysler you just moved up a few knotches in my book thanks for the service.


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