Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Head games

Sadly I have to admit that mowing the lawn was actually a rather relaxing process last week, I rather enjoyed myself. Now I will not go out on a limb and say that I would do this every day but I certainly found it relaxing hearing nothing but the wurr of the mower all while getting a little exercize.

On to bigger and better things, I am a true believer in karma, call it do unto others as you would have them do to you, call it don't shit where you eat, call it love thy neighbour...just not thy neighbours wife, call it whatever you like it is an interesting phenomenom. Our neighbour is a lovely 65+something lady who lives alone in a rather large bungalow, this past winter I would always make it a point that when I finished snow blowing my driveway I would pop over and do hers if I had time. It would take me 15 minutes and save her 2 hours. I didn't mind, I was bundled anyways so why not. She would always come out on the porch and thank me or grab her shovel and do her walk. What a nice surprise today when there is a knock at the door and she apologizes and says that she is embarassed it has taken her this long to drop this by and hands me a card, she says thank you very much so I say your welcome for whatever and she goes on her way. Here she was thoughtful enough to give us a Timmy's gift card for $25.

I had no expectation and what a plesant surprise it was, kind of made up for the way the day has gone. It is really good to see there are still some decent folks in the world. Thanks Edith, I appreciate your thoughtfullness.

PS. Got my latest batch of Saxx underpants in..woohoo, 3 more days in the week for the boys to enjoy that which is Saxx.


  1. What a good neighbour you have.
    Cherish her.
    I am happy that your underwear makes
    you happy.

  2. I bet Edith would be flattered to see her name appear just a few lines above your Saxx "underpants" comment. Lol!