Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trials and tribulations of continuing to deal with the morons that are called Bell Canada

This pretty much says it all. If they ever wonder why they are loosing money they should really look at how their business is run.

info: A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.
info: Chat representative Sam has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.
Sam: Hello and welcome to Bell's chat service. How may I provide you with excellent service today?
No thanks. : Hello Sam, Account number 123456789
No thanks. : The service was cancelled as we moved to Rogers a couple of weeks ago, can you tell me why I am being billed for the entire month of July?
Sam: Hello!
Sam: I am sorry to hear that.
Sam: I will be happy to assist you.
Sam: May I have your first name and last name?
No thanks. : John Storozuk
Sam: May I call you by your first name?
No thanks. : yes
Sam: Thank you, John.
Sam: May I have your Bell Home Phone number starting with the area code?
No thanks. : 5199999999
No thanks. : Account number was given above
Sam: Yes, thank you.
Sam: Let me pull up your records.
Sam: I have checked your records and I see that you have cancelled your telephone line on July 04, 2009.
No thanks. : Yes...so why am I being billed until the end of July?
Sam: Your billing cycle goes for a month in advance.
Sam: You will get the credits applied on your next billing cycle for the unused days.
No thanks. : Credit? You mean Bell is going to send me a cheque?
No thanks. : the account is being cancelled, does it make sense to pay you for a full months service when there was 4 days usage and then have you give me a credit. That doesn't make any business sense.
No thanks. : Hello?
Sam: Yes, I certainly understand.
Sam: You will get the credit via check once you pay for the full month.
No thanks. : Well that isn't going to happen. I will divide my bill by 30 and multiply that by 7 (giving you a buffer) and pay that amount. What happens then?
Sam: I am sorry, you will have the late payment fees applied to your account.
Sam: John, are you satisfied with the support and information that I have offered?
No thanks. : No I am not satisified. You are going to charge me a late payment when you will still owe me money? That doesn't add up
No thanks. : Think about it for a second Sam, does that make sense to you? You as a person not you as Bell Canada.
Sam: I am sorry, your billing cycle goes for July 1, 2009 - July 31, 2009.
Sam: You will certainly get the credits applied on your next billing cycle.
Sam: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Sam: I have not received a response from you. Do you wish to continue this chat session?
No thanks. : Yes I would like to know my per day fee is. I am not paying you the full amount, this WILL go to collections and Bell will be out of the actual owed amount based on the collection fee alone, does this make sense?
Sam: I am sorry, we don't have sufficient information regarding this, I advice you to pay the amount as it is printed on the bill.
No thanks. : Lol, you must be an automated system and are not hearing me.
Sam: I will only be able to advice you to pay an amount that is being printed on the bill.
Sam: I am sorry you felt that way.
Sam: I am a live person.
Sam: I will not be able to tell you an approximate amount.
Sam: I am sorry!
No thanks. : It is these types of responses I have continued to get from dealing with Bell canada that have caused me to move. I have been a loyal customer for many years, you can look at my record and see pretty much flawless payment history and this is how it is going to end... so be it I guess. You can tell your supervisor they can see me at the collections office.
Sam: I appreciate your loyalty with Bell.
Sam: I do understand that you have being a loyal customer with Bell and we appreciate that.
Sam: I suggest you to pay the complete bill to avoid any late payment fees.
Sam: It's been a pleasure helping you today! Remember, you can use Bell.ca Self-Serve at any time.
Sam: Thank you for choosing Bell.
Sam: Have a great day!

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