Wednesday, December 16, 2009

WTF is with the teens and lack of service skills these days?

Fuck me, I must have been invisible today.

Canadian Tire, I have a socket, bottle of washer fluid and shovel and walk up to the register where the girl is counting CDN tire money. She looks up and back down at her money, the look was almost like she was saying, fuck me another customer great.

I am holding the shovel as I know she needs to scan the bottom and if I lean it bottom up it is going to end up on the ground anyways, what does the bitch do but A. Not even acknowledge me standing there but scans the other 2 items on the counter first then the shovel which by this time is almost wrapped around her scrawny fucking neck. I hand her my CC and finally she says something, "Is there a chip in that?" No there is no fucking chip, take the card and fuck off. I sign the bill and finally another word..."goodbye".

Go to McD's for a quick dinner...well pardon fucking me for showing up at dinner time when you are busy. 8 minutes through the drive through....well done. Anyways to the point, I get to the cash window and have my hand out the window with cash, dude finishes taking the order before he opens the window which I can forgive him for, NO hello, just "Seven forty-eight" No it's not 7:58 you stupid fuck, it's 7:30 but here is $10 anyways...douche. Then a little piece of tail comes up and starts talking to him as he is slowly and I mean slowly, my 4 year old could have made change faster, he starts acknowledging her and literally is looking at her as he is reaching out the window, no $2.42 is your change, no thank you, no good night...I should have grabbed his hand and pulled the little basterd out the window. I say thanks and move to the next window...which he didn't acknowledge the thanks...fucker. Food comes this girl actually acknowledged my existance, like I said it was 8 minutes anyways but that is another issue.

This coupled with the shitty Signature Hot Chocolate I have been getting lately at Starbucks has once again proven there is no respect or committment to actually provide a service these days. Someone step up and straighten these kids out...there has to be an old bastard like me working for these companies that knows this bullshit is going on.....maybe not!

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