Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeling like a rock star!

I had the greatest of pleasures today...this is a clean post so let me start again... My daughters daycare asked if I would volunteer to play Santa (one oh his helpers as he couldn't make it), I purchased a beard and wig as the loaner was nasty, dawned the old but appropriate costume and made my way over to the centre. I didn't know what to expect, figured it would be the range of emotions over there and they didn't disappoint.

The look of pure awe and excitement was something I had never imagined before walking through that door today. The kids were amazing and I was peppered with quesitons from where did you park the reindeer to why are you wearing those things over your boots (they were boot covers that went over your shoes). I was very political and handled all the questions with the appropriate tact but the feeling of energy coming of the kids was unreal. Knowing I could have said you are all getting coal for xmas as you have all been very bad kids and having the room erupt in tears was a power I have never experienced. The smiles made it worth every moment though. If you get the opportunty, I urge you to take it and put a smile on a little boy or girls face today.

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