Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mother bitch....I beat you.

Yes folks, her cherry has been popped (that will be explained another time) and no she didn't like it. December 2008 I broke down when we moved and bought a snow blower, best god damn invention....EVER!

No sore back, I can blow the fucking white shit across the street if I wanted to...neighbour wouldn't be impressed though, all Winter 2008/2009 no problems, stored for the summer and all is good.

Check the oil last Tuesday all is good and just in time we get snow. Couple of pushes of the primer, pull and she fires up. Blow my driveway, the neighbour, the neighbour beside her... which I had not intended to do but since they just moved in I wasn't paying attention and blew most of my neighbours snow into their driveway so I thought it would be wise. Then came back to the right of our place and did their driveway as well...yes people 30 minutes total time. That's 30 MINUTES.

She thought she could break me, well I say fuck you mother nature, keep it coming you cannot break me bitch!

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