Friday, December 18, 2009

Starbucks I officially am no longer a patron of your services!

So when I get around to the actual letter I will be sure to post it as well. Today I had my last beverage from Starbucks. Cost aside for a moment, seriously people how fucking difficult is it to follow directions on packaged hot chocolate mix which you pre-make ahead of time....must be pretty fucking tough.

I have attempted to enjoy the Signature Hot Chocolate, which is supposedly their premium HC, around the world...well Canada, the USA and UK. Everywhere I have gone there has been at least one time where it has been screwed up and watered down.

Now maybe it separates in the storage container and the barista is too clueless to shake the container or turn the mixer enough but I would estimate close to 50% of the drinks I have attempted to enjoy have been sub par. The problem is, they make the damn thing too fucking hot to try it out in the store and since I rarely sit still for more than a minute anyways I am usually on my way or in the car already before I get to taste the watered down beverage and am once again disappointed. Kind of like expecting that great xmas present from your grandparents only to get underpants.

In their defense I have received 2 replacements after complaining after the fact but it doesn't make up for the dozens that have been sub par, some have been so bad that they were un-consumable, this has included Los Angeles, London (UK), NY, Las Vegas and of course the KW area. Seriously people if you cannot do it right, stop offering it in the first place.

As Joe Pesci said in one of the Lethal Weapon movies..."they always fuck you at the drive through..." well they fuck you with extra hot drinks you cannot taste before you leave the store as well.

Adios Starbucks, your welcome for the last couple of years!


  1. You're missing out bro: Decaf Peppermint Mocha's at Starbucks never disappoint.

  2. Forget about the Hot Choc & the Pep Mocha.
    You can make them at home...better and cheaper...HOWEVER...the Gingerbread Biscotti is to die for....yummy!