Saturday, December 26, 2009

A time to reflect

Here I sit with a nice warm pussy in my lap watching Live free or die harder and playing Poker while typing this blog and think about the past year....well actually wonder based on an earlier conversation this year if I in fact have multi-tasking at it's finest moment is a better term for this. ADD is something that could have been used to describe me for the past 35 years, active is a much better term for what I got. I have been looking through the boxing day sales today and trying to find a second LCD monitor to allow me to better multi-task at my home office PC, if you find a steal, let me know.

Back on topic. This past year has brought many a moments of clarity to my life be it starting the new position with RIM or the various opportunities for travel that has been presented this year. Enjoying old friendships and cultivating new ones. My poker game has gained in skill which I hope to bring back to the live games with upcoming trips to the mecca that Las Vegas provides, damn I am looking forward to it.

It has been a treat of year in 2009 and I fully expect 2010 to be equally gratifying. Disney world for a 4 year olds birthday is certainly going to be a highlight of the year. Likely signing off until the new year or when I have finally made the plunge on a second lcd..

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  1. Hey kiddo!
    I asm so glad that you had a good year in 2009. I hope your 2010 is even better.
    I am looking forward to seeing lots of pics from the birthday trip/