Thursday, December 24, 2009

What are you thinking?

So I made the mistake of heading out to the grocery store and liquor store today. Just browsing the shelves of the liquor store actually. I cam across a small bottle of blueberry vodka and said, that would make a great stocking stuffer for my wife. Fortunately for me it was attached to a 750ml bottle of crown royal. What a great fortune for me as I bought it :)

I then ventured into Sobeys (KW grocery chain), the place was a zoo as expected, unbelieveably though the checkout was very efficient for this time of year so I have to give kudos to the Sobeys staff for making my trip a pleasant one.

I then visited our village bakery where they had 2 fresh baked Dutch Peach pies all ready for me ( I had been there earlier in the day and asked and they were just baking them and put 2 aside), nothing like the smell of a fresh baked peach pie...yummy.

Christmas is here which means it is almost over, thank god...if you actually believe there is one...which is another conversation.

Merry Christmas all.


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